How to turn off Facebook reaction sound effects

Facebook have introduced a new feature for mobile devices last month. The Facebook reaction sound. They will play a sound each time you like or react to a post or comment.

Even though it delivers fun sometimes these sound effects are really annoying. For example, it will Reduce the sound of music player whenever you add a reaction. Literally we can’t enjoy music while browsing Facebook. The issue is applicable to all browsers.

I wanted to write a post on this simple topic because many people asked me if there is any fix to this.

So how to turn off the Facebook reaction sound effects?

In order to turn this off you can go to the site settings in browser and disable sounds for Facebook. But that will effectively turn off every sound from Facebook including the sound of video being played.

Last week Facebook came up with the option to disable the reaction sound effects.

In order to do this use a convenient browser of your choice such as Chrome or Firefox or Safari to browse Facebook from your mobile device. Login to Facebook and follow the below steps.

1. Click on the Hamburger menu on the right top corner of your home page

Facebook reaction homepage

2. Choose settings from the list

Facebook reaction disable

3. Scroll down to bottom and sound for reactions settings under media

Facebook reaction sound

4. Click on Off

Facebook reaction sound off



If you feel any trouble doing this, I’ve a video tutorial to do the same.

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