Cheap but quality drone around $150: GoPro compatible

Welcome budding film makers! If you own a camera (Video, DSLR, actiion cam whatever be it is) and have seen a couple of drone footage’s you must have had the dream to own one. Don’t you? Here is one such interesting clip.


Buying a Drone

When coming to buying a drone, the biggest barrier for most of us are the Budget. The Industry leader DJI’s Mavic series starts at around $600. Well, that’s pretty much huge. I mean, you can own a DSLR if you have around $330, you can own an professional GoPro action camera if you can spend just $200. And spending a double or triple for just an accessory feels an overhead for some of us.  I mean, I had that feeling many times. And then I started looking for drone in a budget.

Today in this blog post I wish to share the top 5 drones that you can buy around a budget of $150. Feel free to add your suggestion in comments if you have a better drone in the same price tag.

Features of a Drone

When selecting a drone, the following features  should be considered with most priority. Anything else is a bonus addition.

  1. Handling and stability
  2. Ability to hold weight – Ability to hold additional cameras other than the built in one
  3. Battery backup
  4. Travel distance – remote distance
  5. Price

If a drone has a moderately good parameters from there above, I’d definitely go for it. We can not expect a budget drone to hold a heavy weighted camera such as a DSLR. So in the blog post we will be focusing on drones which can hold an Action camera such as a GoPro. So let’s get into the list. (Before that, disable your ad blocker. Because I have addedd Amazon links to all the drones which may be blocked by your ad blocker.)

1. Ryze Tello Powered by DJI

Tello is powered by the DJI technology and uses Intel’s processing. In fact it can be considered as the cheapest drone from DJI. Its just a $100 priced. It has an equipped HD camera which does the job neatly and  if you want more you can equip your own action camera. It doesn’t come with a controller for $100 but you can use your mobile phone to control it. If you want spend a few more bucks and buy the controller also, still it will remain in the budget.

Have a look at the Tello in action


2. Ionic Stratus

This is another cheap drone falls under a $150. It is incredibly cheap and holds most of the action cameras readily available in the market.

Watch the Ionic in action

3.  MJX drones

MJX is becoming a serious competitor for DJI due to incredibly cheap pricing and superior quality at that price tag. There are many drones available from MJX and bugs 3 being the famous among them.

Watch the MJX in action:

4. Parrot Mambo

Parrot Mambo is incredibly cheap, means their drone starting from $45. Can you believe that? They also have drones which support FPV, meaning that you can live view the drone in action, and GPS from around $110.

Watch Parrot in action:


5. Syma

Syma makes toy drones. Their drones are incredibly cheap and most of them are intended for training and use as a toy. But their high end models can easily hold a GoPro. Give it a try.

Checkout Syma in action:

All of these Drone’s are readily available in Amazon. Go through all of them, do a research of your own based on your budget and requirement and go for it.

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