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How to fix Adobe Premiere Pro video gets choppy when applying Twixtor pro plugin

What is twixtor?

Twixtor is a plugin available for leading video editing platforms such as Adobe premiere pro. It helps to achieve advanced super slow motion with smooth frame to frame transition.

What is the video choppy/sync issue with Adobe premiere?

When you use Twixtor pro with Adobe Premiere Pro you might have often come across with this issue. That is, when you apply Twixtor to a clip and adjust the speed to lower down, then the clip sometimes show a different beginning position from the original clip. That is, the beginning few seconds are now missing.

This happens because the project frame rate and the frame rate of the clip you are using is out of sync. To fix this, you have to “Nest” the the clip so that you are telling premiere that the clip matches with the project frame rate.

I have created a quick video tutorial to demonstrate this. Hope this helps!

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