How to fix Hashcat : clGetPlatformIDs(): CL_PLATFORM_NOT_FOUND_KHR error

What is Hashcat?

Hashcat is one of the fastest password recovery tools available for free usage. It has various features such as bruteforce attack, WPA/WPA2 password cracking, md5 hash cracking and so on.

Few days back, I was playing with the latest version of hashcat. The installation was success.



Intel CPUs require OpenCL Runtime for Intel Core and Intel Xeon Processors (16.1.1 or later). So if the machine that runs Hashcat doesn’t have a dedicated graphics card might throw this error. So we need to Download and install OpenCL™ Runtime latest from intel website. My machine didn’t have a graphics card installed and so I opted to use OpenCL during installation.

But the program returned clGetPlatformIDs(): CL_PLATFORM_NOT_FOUND_KHR error message upon start. I did some googling and if I understood correctly, my machine didn’t have the required OpenCL drivers(or an older version?). So I had to download and install the latest version from Intel’s website. (My machine was powered by an Intel core 2 duo CPU)

Steps to resolve the issue

  1. Goto: and download latest drivers for Ubuntu.

    UPDATE: Intel have updated their website recently. Please use

    if you aren’t able to find out the suitable version.

  2.  Extract the downloaded file.
  3.  cd to the extracted folder and run “sudo ./”

PS: The steps are for Ubuntu OS running on Intel core 2 duo, core i3 and above. It is for machines which doesn’t have a graphics driver and want to use OpenCL. If you want to make use of the graphics driver also, then download the desired setup file from the link posted above.

Please refer to the below tutorial if assistance is needed.

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