How to enable SSH on Google Cloud Compute Engine

Last day I was riddling with Evilginx, a phishing attack tool. It needs to be hosted online somewhere in the cloud to get it working. I will write a blog on how to use it and how to to phishing attacks on several web application such as Facebook and Gmail. This time I am talking about configuring SSH access with a Google cloud instance. I acquainted with Amazon AWS while setting up my own blog and I never worked with Google Cloud. So to setup Evilginx I decided to go for Google cloud so that I can get good hands on with compute engine as well. I was able to setup a new project and create a virtual machine pretty quick. The toughest part for me was setting up SSH access to the instance. I didn’t like the web SSH client since I wanted to transfer several contents from my local machine. I had to do a little research because I couldnt easily find one single blog post which deals with the scenario. And so I decided to write a blog post on how to setup SSH with Google cloud compute engine. 

How to SSH from command-line to Google Cloud instance

In order to enable third party client SSH you first need to install Google Cloud SDK. To install gcloud-sdk on your Linux machine, type

$curl | bash

This will install smoothly if you have configured python2 environment in your machine properly. Here’s a video tutorial if in case you find it difficult to do that.

Sometimes the installation may throw the below error if you haven’t configured Python 2.7 environment properly.

Welcome to the Google Cloud SDK!
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/pratos/google-cloud-sdk/lib/third_party/enum/", line 364, in __getattr__
    return cls._member_map_[name]
KeyError: '_convert'

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