Wanderlust Shutterbug Technophile | WST

An average human being belonging to the southern part of India. I love to travel, click photos and work as a techie.

I own an entry level DSLR and an action camera so that I can capture the favorite moments of my journeys. During free time I combine the clips and try to prepare travel vlogs, do YouTube and Instagram.


Wanderlust, meaning strong desire to travel. When I feel bored of daily routine job and  totally pissed of the shitty life, travelling is my fetish. It’s an obscure desire. Shutterbug, meaning an enthusiastic photographer. It doesn’t mean that the individual is a pro-level photographer. He is someone who keeps trying to learn capturing beautiful photos. And, Technophile, meaning a person who is enthusiastic about new technology. He tries to get to know technical stuffs and most of the end up at nowhere. Here I am.

Apart from the WST stuffs, there are other things I stumble upon. It can be random thoughts, technical or non-technical, it can be anything. This space will be full of junks. Don’t get me wrong. I take shitty pictures, write shitty articles and post here whatever.